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Ring in Savings by Virtualizing Communications

By: ShoreTel, Brilliantly Simple Google+ icon for profile link

Virtualization technology has taken a firm hold in organizations. Most IT departments have virtualized applications and servers as a way to drive cost savings and more efficiently use resources. Virtualizing your IP PBX and call centers can help you ring in more savings.

UC Hits a Home Run Across Industries

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Businesses of all sizes and in all industries recognize the value of unified communications. UC improves the speed of communication by improving collaboration and access to information. Connecting business processes with communications systems can drive even greater efficiencies by reducing delays and increasing the quality of information available. Certain industries are rapidly adopting UC to […]

Brilliantly Simple Integration

By: Graham Ferguson, Sr. International Product Manager

Once in a while you get a request from a channel partner that develops into a broader relationship. So it was in EMEA when a channel partner was looking into a customer request for a door-entry system compatible with the ShoreTel UC platform.

The Truth about UC Deployments

By: Geoff Murase, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

The recent article “Adding up the real costs of so-called ‘free’ Microsoft Lync” highlights the hidden costs associated with a Microsoft Lync deployment. These costs include server OS licenses, server hardware, IP phones, gateways for branch survivability, analog endpoints and adapters, and additional software assurance/support costs. To make matters worse, the licensing scheme for Microsoft […]

18 Million Businesses in the U.S.

By: Andrew Lee, Marketing Analyst

As we look forward to introducing more new customers to ShoreTel, it is interesting to know there are over 18 million businesses in the U.S. When you look at the biggest businesses out there – there are over 4,500 companies that have over 5,000 employees. Needless to say, the Fortune 1000 companies are in this […]

The Problem with Having Too Much Debt

By: Geoff Murase, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

It seems like every day, a new headline appears talking about the Eurozone financial crisis. Governments across Europe have borrowed to the hilt and spent the proceeds on government programs or to bailout financial institutions. A common metric for gauging the financial health of a country is the debt to gross domestic product (GDP) ratio. […]

Mobility Takes Us Strange Places

By: ShoreTel, Brilliantly Simple Google+ icon for profile link

From the moment we are born mobility holds the allure of freedom. Whether it’s holding up our head to see the world around us, toddling toward discoveries beyond the baby gate, or standing arm outstretched as you wait for Dad to drop the car keys in your hand for the very first time – each […]

Mobility Android Interface

By: Christian Gilby, Sr. Product Manager Mobility

According Nielsen survey from earlier this year, 43 percent of all smartphone owners in the U.S. have an Android device. With the growing popularity of BYOD (bring your own device) initiatives, enterprises are sure to see a surge in the number of Android devices being used for business communications.

ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center Helps Companies Grow their Business

By: Liz Pedro, Customer Programs Manager Google+ icon for profile link

Twenty years ago if you worked in a call center, things were very basic. You were likely on a team that either took calls or made calls. Stats were also pretty basic and mostly showed how many calls we took and how long each call was. I know because I managed call centers for eight […]

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