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The New ShoreTel DECT Phone

By: Kurt Kruger, Senior Manager of Product Operations

DECT-front-chargerThe latest release of ShoreTel’s unified communications solution, ShoreTel 14, was launched today. And with it, we’ve introduced the ShoreTel IP Phone 930D – a feature-rich cordless DECT phone solution ideally suited for those needing a full telephony feature set along with in-building roaming capabilities.

DECT stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications. It’s an industry standard that provides a device, such as a cordless telephone, with access to a fixed telecommunications network via radio. Unlike alternative cordless enterprise phones that sacrifice functionality and quality for mobility, ShoreTel users can step away from their desk without losing the ability to manage incoming inquiries or monitor shared extensions. The IP Phone 930D offers generous talk time and standby times that can easily cover a full day of calls.

Designed for use in the front office or corporate environments, the ShoreTel IP Phone 930D solution seamlessly adds cordless handsets to any ShoreTel 14 installation. DECT handsets use a dedicated frequency band that is less congested than alternative wireless technologies and provide secure communication with voice and data encryption. The ShoreTel IP Phone 930D delivers superior voice performance without the need to worry about radio interference with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices, avoiding possible voice quality issues.

6 Responses to “ The New ShoreTel DECT Phone ”

  1. I would like a rought idea how much on of these units would cost. and where I can buy one .

    thank you

  2. Please contact a local reseller to get pricing information, http://www.shoretel.com/about/contact/how_to_buy
    Thank you.

  3. Hi my employer is installing a shoretel system this week I asked about the 930D cordless phone and our trainer said that they are not out yet. Is this true? I work in Lorain Ohio/

  4. The 930D phones are definitely available, as long as you are using ShoreTel 14. Here’s some more information on them from our press release. http://www.shoretel.com/about/newsroom/press_releases/ShoreTel_Addresses_Business_Challenges_for_Enterprise_Users__and_Administrators.html
    You can reach out to me directly if you’re having an issue getting them – tbrown@shoretel.com
    Thank you.

  5. What is the range on the phones?

  6. Hi, Thank you for your question.
    The 930D DECT phone range is up to 300 meters in free air. Inside a building it’s on average 50 meters, but concrete walls/floors, elevator shafts etc. will further reduce that range.

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