Author : Adrian Hipkiss

Office Move an Inspired Choice

By: Adrian Hipkiss, Managing Director, EMEA

Bracknell, a veritable hub of multinational tech companies, has opened its arms to another. ShoreTel, with the help of Dr. Phillip Lee, MP for Bracknell, has thrown open the doors of its new European headquarters in Inspired, Easthampstead Road. The move was overdue – we have grown exponentially over the past 18 months, and the […]

Why Paint Your Customers in Broad Strokes?

By: Adrian Hipkiss, Managing Director, EMEA

In the 1930s John Farrow and fellow paint pioneer Richard Ball founded a company that prided itself on creating unmatched paint colors and handcrafted wallpaper that would stand the test of time. Eighty years later and the success of Farrow and Ball provides ample evidence that all went according to plan. The key to lasting […]

ShoreTel Revs Up Partnership with Williams F1 Racing Team

By: Adrian Hipkiss, Managing Director, EMEA

It’s easy to be amazed as you step into the Williams F1 Conference Centre in Oxfordshire, U.K. Located at the home of the Williams FI racing team and builder, the award-winning conference centre houses the largest private collection of Formula One racing cars in the world. Walking into the plush lobby, you are immediately greeted […]

ShoreTel Helps National Ice Centre Entertain the Nation

By: Adrian Hipkiss, Managing Director, EMEA

The National Ice Centre and Capital FM Arena Nottingham, the East Midlands’ hottest concert and sports venue, has selected ShoreTel for its UC platform and Contact Center. The ShoreTel solution will enable the organisation to move its ticketing system in-house and provide customer experience befitting the social networking age. National Ice Centre’s primary aim is […]

BYOD: If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them

By: Adrian Hipkiss, Managing Director, EMEA

One of the first meetings you have when you start a new job is with the IT team. This is where you are hooked up to the enterprise communication system and spend your first few days learning the new system and unlearning the previous one – time that could have been invested in getting to […]

Understanding ShoreTel

By: Adrian Hipkiss, Managing Director, EMEA

I joined ShoreTel as managing director, EMEA, this past October, and was invited to meet the board in Sunnyvale, California. Playing it safe, I dressed-up but was surprised to discover a relaxed group of senior executives. A “compliment” about my tie broke the ice and set me thinking about the parallel between Silicon Valley and […]

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