Author : Ed Wright

Why I Can’t Live Without ShoreTel Mobility’s “Join” Button

By: Ed Wright, Director of Product Management

Recently I asked my colleague Emma McCormack to weigh in on what fantastic feature we could add to ShoreTel Mobility that would make her life easier. She came right back with a very reasonable and incisive request for Visual Voice Mail. Reasonable and incisive…aside from the fact that it’s already in the product. So while […]

Is Your Contact Center Available to All of Your Customers?

By: Ed Wright, Director of Product Management

Your company contact center is the first line of communication with your customers. Companies can no longer rely solely on voice interactions via a toll-free number. Those who excel in customer service realize they must keep pace with emerging technology trends while keeping costs in line. How does your contact center measure up?

2 Minutes 2 Mobility

By: Ed Wright, Director of Product Management

Welcome to 2 Minutes 2 Mobility, where we highlight a cool feature or capability of ShoreTel Mobility and demo it for you in about 2 minutes. Our commitment is that each edition will be relevant, concise, and meaningful and that you will consider your viewing time well spent. This time we’re discussing a common configuration […]

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