Author : Grant Schenck

Using the ShoreTel Browser

By: Grant Schenck, ShoreTel Professional Services

ShoreTel Innovation Network members get access to several Software Development Kits (SDKs) that provide programmers with interfaces to various parts of the ShoreTel phone system. One of the core SDKs in the program is the ShoreTel Multi Line COM Object SDK known more simply as the COM SDK. The COM SDK allows the development of […]

ShoreTel Call Recorder: Recording Profiles

By: Grant Schenck, ShoreTel Professional Services

The recording profiles are where you can configure the core functionality of the ShoreTel Call Recorder. At the simplest level, a customer can create a profile to record all calls for all users and store all recordings in one location with a simple name generated. However, more complex scenarios can also be achieved – such […]

ShoreTel Call Recorder: Admin

By: Grant Schenck, ShoreTel Professional Services

Because the Call Recorder Server runs as a Windows service, it doesn’t have a user interface; admins typically control it through the Windows Services application. Specifically, they can configure it’s run state, startup mode (whether it runs automatically when Windows starts or not) and login account details from the services application.

ShoreTel Call Recorder: Introduction

By: Grant Schenck, ShoreTel Professional Services

The ShoreTel Call Recorder application is a server-based application developed by ShoreTel Professional Services. Call Recorder runs as a Windows service 24/7 on one or more of the customer’s ShoreTel servers. It monitors the customer’s phones for external calls and when calls connect – based on the call’s details combined with the application’s configuration – […]

What Can ShoreTel Professional Services Do For You?

By: Grant Schenck, ShoreTel Professional Services

Do you know what ShoreTel Professional Services can do for you? We play several roles within ShoreTel: Builds and support various Software Development Kits (SDK) for customers and third parties, which they can use to build their own software solutions that integrate with the ShoreTel phone system. Builds custom software solutions that work with the […]

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