Author : Keith Bromley

Director – Just One Example of ShoreTel’s Brilliant Simplicity

By: Keith Bromley, Senior Product Manager

Communications is the vanguard of a business. Great demands are placed upon an IP phone system to be as agile, empowering and as forgiving as possible. ShoreTel Director gives IT management a powerful command center that makes a business more productive and reduces operations costs. Simply speaking, it gives IT professionals a bird’s-eye view of […]


By: Keith Bromley, Senior Product Manager

Today is binary day (11-11-11) but ShoreTel is pleased to share that it’s also ShoreTel 12.1 generally available release day. This release replaces ShoreTel 11.2 and will now be available for all new orders and upgrades. The ShoreTel 12.1 release blends the feature set of ST 12 with new features targeted toward brilliantly simple unified […]

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