Author : Rich Winslow

Seven Steps to a Pain-Free Migration to VoIP

By: Rich Winslow, Senior Director, Product Management

Workers want to be able to collaborate and communicate wherever, whenever and however it is convenient, and unified communications (UC) systems can give them that freedom. With a UC system that knits together VoIP telephony, instant messaging, mobility, presence, and collaboration capabilities into a seamless business environment, organizations can boost employee productivity and lower costs. […]

UC in Mid-Air Even Easier With FAA Rules Change

By: Rich Winslow, Senior Director, Product Management

Using Unified Communications at 35,000 feet is easy. Flying across the U.S. on Virgin America and I’m still able to keep in contact and stay productive leveraging ShoreTel Communicator over Gogo in-flight wireless. Although streaming media like voice over IP is highly discouraged by the provider (as is streaming the NHL from my Slingbox), I am […]

Credit Unions – Business Process Integration

By: Rich Winslow, Senior Director, Product Management

I’ve been working with several credit unions, which have always been a perfect fit for a ShoreTel solution. The ShoreTel distributed architecture allows a single image solution to be deployed across all branches with all the reliability of yesterday but all the power of today. Lately I have been impressed with the deep integration we […]

“Won’t Get Fooled Again”

By: Rich Winslow, Senior Director, Product Management

Virtualization is an excellent technology to reduce server, power and cooling requirements and provides server management tools for high availability, backup and restore. When applied to UC systems though, I have to think back to 1971 and the famous Who song “Won’t Get Fooled Again.”

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