Author : Vasili Triant

Christchurch rocks: ShoreTel rolls

By: Vasili Triant, Managing Director, Asia Pacific

Thankfully there were no fatalities recorded following the recent 7.1 earthquake that hit Christchurch, New Zealand’s second largest city. Since the quake hit at 4:30 a.m., the city’s 372,600 residents were mostly asleep, but soon woke to confront a nightmare of damage to buildings, roads, water and power—the worst since a 1931 earthquake at New […]

ShoreTel teams up with Australia’s largest telecommunications company

By: Vasili Triant, Managing Director, Asia Pacific

In any discussion around the main driving forces in the Australian telecommunications industry, one company always comes to mind: Telstra. Telstra is Australia’s largest and most influential telecommunications company, providing local and long distance telephone services, mobile services, dialup, wireless, DSL and cable internet access, and more than 30 years’ experience in the business. Now, […]

Maintaining Workforce Resources

By: Vasili Triant, Managing Director, Asia Pacific

We all know that reducing costs and overhead is usually the first response of a business facing a contracting market. We’ve seen it firsthand. But cost-cutting is never simple, and organizations must understand how to trim costs while maintaining a competitive edge, and staying agile enough to take advantage of the market once it begins […]

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