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The Future is Now — How Science Fiction Predicted Business Communications

By: Robert Pleasant, Product Marketing Associate

At what point can we say we are living in the future dreamed of in science fiction? Though 2001 may not have been a space odyssey imagined in the older book and film, the years since have seen growth in communication and technology that fiction only dreamed of, and ShoreTel is proud to be a […]

The Virtualized Reality of Unified Communications

By: Teney Takahashi, Product Marketing Manager - Competitive Analysis

A growing number of businesses are considering a virtualized unified communications environment. By virtualizing UC applications, businesses can increase server utilization while reducing hardware, operating and administration costs. However, while many UC vendors support virtualization, few of these vendors offer a solution that maximizes the benefits of a virtualized environment. Most vendors take a rigid […]

ShoreTel Supercharges Business Intelligence for the World’s #1 CRM

By: Pejman Roshan, Vice President, Product Management

ShoreTel today launched an integrated solution for the world’s #1 CRM application, enabling customers to have comprehensive business intelligence with a 360 degree view of sales, marketing and customer service interactions. By integrating two mission-critical platforms – the communications platform and a company’s critical enterprise application – businesses now have comprehensive reporting on the effectiveness […]

Seven Steps to a Pain-Free Migration to VoIP

By: Rich Winslow, Senior Director, Product Management

Workers want to be able to collaborate and communicate wherever, whenever and however it is convenient, and unified communications (UC) systems can give them that freedom. With a UC system that knits together VoIP telephony, instant messaging, mobility, presence, and collaboration capabilities into a seamless business environment, organizations can boost employee productivity and lower costs. […]

2013: A look back at a productive, memorable year

By: Katie Maller, Communications Manager Google+ icon for profile link

With the end of the year in sight, we thought we’d take a look at some of the major accomplishments in 2013. It was a busy year, indeed! ShoreTel experienced a record year of growth. We now serve more than 30,000 businesses in over 60 countries with more than 3 million users. We grew the […]

Massive Milestone for ShoreTel Asia

By: Ben Swanson, Channels and Distribution Manager, Asia and South Africa

Wednesday night, October 30, represented a massive milestone for ShoreTel in Asia, with our company winning a Rising Star award in the 2013 NetworkWorld Asia Readers’ Choice Product Excellence Awards. The awards were presented in a gala ceremony in Singapore, and it was great that ShoreTel had a good representation at the event with Bruce […]

Reflections from GigaOm Mobilize

By: Tricia Stream, Content Marketing Manager Google+ icon for profile link

I’ve been at the 2013 GigaOM Mobilize conference these past two days with Ricky Wong, our senior product manager for mobility. Sounds appropriate, right? I’ve always been a fan of GigaOM conferences for their ability to attract smart thought leaders and “doers” who are able to add insight to the constantly evolving technological landscape. This year […]

Oh Canada! ShoreTel Continues Customer Growth in Canada

By: Liz Pedro, Customer Programs Manager Google+ icon for profile link

Home to the maple leaf and millions of hockey fans, Canada also has a growing base of ShoreTel customers who are selecting our UC solutions over big name competitors. To support this growth, ShoreTel recently opened a new head office, executive briefing center and training center in Toronto. Our happy Canadian customers say it best:

ShoreTel and HP Networking: Success matters. So does how you get there.

By: ShoreTel, Brilliantly Simple Google+ icon for profile link

Successfully managing a business means effectively communicating without barriers or borders. Organizations want reliable and flexible tools to cost-efficiently communicate, collaborate and conference, from anywhere at any time, on any network, using any device. ShoreTel and HP have joined together to deliver best-of-breed Unified Communications and Networking solutions that enable organizations to quickly take advantage […]

Wireless data at 1.5Gbps?

By: Syed Rahman, Sr. Product Manager, Services

A 30 gbps wireless connection sound good? That would certainly allow for the application of the “throw bandwidth at it to solve all performance problems” principle to wireless (WLAN) networks, which is so effectively used on the wired Ethernet front. Real-time applications over 802.11 Wireless LANs (WLANs) such as voice (“VoFi”) – used in business […]

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