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ECC Video Tutorial: How to Use ETAS.INI Files to Increase Productivity

By: Matthew Weiner, Product Sales Specialist - Contact Center Practice

ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center has a set of configuration files called ETAS.INI and they exist for the purpose of business process automation. I’ve created a video to show you how to use ETAS.INI to connect to applications and even do a search on a Caller Entered Digit. Additionally we open a “productivity application” from our […]

Contact Center Tutorial: ECC Outbound Dialing from an Excel or Word Document

By: Matthew Weiner, Product Sales Specialist - Contact Center Practice

I often get asked if ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center (ECC) can do outbound dialing from an Excel or Word document. The answer is yes it can. Once upon a time DBA meant “Doing Business As” where a company might use a different name to expand how they reach their market. While the term is still […]

Keynoting at CCAS Regional Contact Centre Symposium 2014 Singapore

By: Laurent Dinard, Sr. Product Manager

Last week I was invited to present the welcome keynote at the 10th CCAS Regional Contact Centre Symposium 2014 Singapore. Singapore is the business hub of Asia and it’s the also the HQ for ShoreTel Asia. When I went through the Singapore airport, the security check, luggage claim, customs and getting a taxi took less […]

Skills and Groups and Groups and Skills…

By: Matthew Weiner, Product Sales Specialist - Contact Center Practice

It’s nice to have options like this; not “or” but “and”. We do, not everyone else does. Since these concepts come up and are so similar in some ways, it seemed ripe for a bit of a blogging. Let’s define these terms first of all: to be fair they can both mean similar things but […]

Contact Center Tutorial: Emergency Call Routing

By: Matthew Weiner, Product Sales Specialist - Contact Center Practice

Emergency! That’s the word we all dread and the quicker you can react the better. In a contact center that means the ability to redirect routing instantly and do so either very quickly at one’s desk if the situation allows or certainly from a mobile device. Here’s a way you can do this for ShoreTel […]

Is Your Contact Center Available to All of Your Customers?

By: Ed Wright, Director of Product Management

Your company contact center is the first line of communication with your customers. Companies can no longer rely solely on voice interactions via a toll-free number. Those who excel in customer service realize they must keep pace with emerging technology trends while keeping costs in line. How does your contact center measure up?

Contact Center Tutorial: Workgroup & Huntgroup Reporting in ECC

By: Matthew Weiner, Product Sales Specialist - Contact Center Practice

Imagine if you will:  a complex business environment where commerce and public facing tasks rightly take place in a fully-fledged ECC where simpler tasks are handled by Huntgroup or WG equipped users. Reporting “out of the box” is separate as we know, but wouldn’t it be nice to at least count the WG calls and […]

New Enterprise Contact Center 9 Software Now Available, Focused on Needs of Large Customers

By: Steve McElderry, Director Product Management, Contact Center

Today ShoreTel released a new version of ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center with updates driven by the needs of large enterprise customers, including enhanced multi-channel support that improves agent productivity and operational efficiency. ShoreTel’s Enterprise Contact Center is increasingly being used by large organizations who have a need to service more customers – these days in […]

ShoreTel ECC’s Easy Holiday Scheduling

By: Matthew Weiner, Product Sales Specialist - Contact Center Practice

Traditionally, most contact centers like to build a list of holidays that determine open or closed status and how those calls should be treated on those days. That’s certainly workable within the ShoreTel PBX, and doing this in ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center (ECC), allows the contact center to operate 24/7, even if the business is […]

Top Tips to Improve Call Center Performance

By: Jack McCarthy, Content Manager Google+ icon for profile link

Customers expect high levels of service when they contact a business, and the ability of an organization’s contact center to meet those expectations can determine successful interaction. Some top tips to improving contact center performance were offered in an article from U.K.-based Call Centre Helper, called “12 great tips to improve call centre performance.” Some […]

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