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ShoreTel Mobility Pro Tips: 5 Things to Make Mobility Work Better for You

By: Clinton Fitch, Practice Manager of Advanced Applications - EMEA

The hint is in my title: Manager of Advanced Applications. In simple terms it means that here in Europe I’m responsible for leading the sales team for Enterprise Contact Center (ECC) and Mobility. In more complex terms, it means I’m often looked to for tips and information on how these solutions work in the day-to-day […]

Communications Continuity a Key Theme at Apple WWDC

By: Tricia Stream, Content Marketing Manager Google+ icon for profile link

Monday morning kicked off the week with many huddled around their computer to take in Apple’s 25th Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) – watching the live streaming with rapt attention toward what software updates would be announced. ShoreTel has long been aware that businesses are shifting to a world where hardware isn’t as relevant (although Apple […]

The ShoreTel Dock: Why it “Rocks” from Sydney to Seattle

By: Emma McCormack, Marketing Director, APAC

“What would it take for you to use an international award-winning ShoreTel Dock?” demanded Ed. “Ummm…well, someone needs to give me one,” I responded. “30-pin or lightning adaptor?” Ed asked. “I’m actually in the process of powering up my brand new, pink iPhone, so I guess it would be the lightning adaptor. I love my […]

Why I Can’t Live Without ShoreTel Mobility’s “Join” Button

By: Ed Wright, Director of Product Management

Recently I asked my colleague Emma McCormack to weigh in on what fantastic feature we could add to ShoreTel Mobility that would make her life easier. She came right back with a very reasonable and incisive request for Visual Voice Mail. Reasonable and incisive…aside from the fact that it’s already in the product. So while […]

ShoreTel in pole position with Williams

By: Andrew Gray, Marketing Director, EMEA

For many companies, the ability to cater for a remote workforce has become utterly imperative. Williams has a more pronounced need for secure, seamless mobile working than most companies. With around 70 of its employees travelling ten months of the year to different, exotic locations, Williams knew that in order to ensure the utmost efficiency […]

Struck by Lightning – the ShoreTel Dock

By: Tricia Stream, Content Marketing Manager Google+ icon for profile link

 They say lightning never strikes the same place twice. But with the ShoreTel Dock, your mobile phone can become your deskphone – allowing you to use only one device whenever you return to your home base (or office if that’s where your Dock is). The ShoreTel Dock is the first and only business-grade device that […]

Five Steps to Mitigate the Risks of BYOD

By: Katie Maller, Communications Manager Google+ icon for profile link

Mobility is how we work. It’s how we live. The adoption of mobility, smartphones and tablets enable people to collaborate easily from home or in the office and has freed up workers’ sense of individuality to inspire more productive work. There’s no doubt that the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend is changing the workplace. Embrace the changes […]

ShoreTel’s Infographic Outlines 10 Home Office Essentials

By: Jack McCarthy, Content Manager Google+ icon for profile link

Telecommuting has long been celebrated as a solution to work/life balance and less congested roads. Working from home is highly popular with IT managers, customer service representatives and salespeople, to name a few. Whether you work from home on Fridays or as a way of life, you need the right tools to stay connected with […]

Vroom, Vroom! ShoreTel Teams with Williams F1 at U.S. Grand Prix

By: Katie Maller, Communications Manager Google+ icon for profile link

By now hopefully you’ve heard about our relationship with the Williams F1® Team – we’ve been rolling out a unified communications solution for them, providing connectivity between Williams’ global headquarters and factory in the UK with the race team, including the pit crew, logistics experts and key personnel at Grand Prix circuits. We’re also an […]

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