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Mobility is Making a Difference to UK Law Firms

By: Martyn Wells, IT Director, Wright Hassall Solicitors

With the world’s biggest mobile event, Mobile World Congress, taking place in Barcelona this week, my news feeds have bombarded me with mobile stories. While the show was once very carrier and telco-focused, it has now grown to look at mobility in a much wider sense, with many business software companies exhibiting at the event.

This evolution reflects the changes in the business world in general. Whereas, 10 years ago an IT manager might not have been interested in mobile developments at Mobile World Congress, now mobility has become a top priority, since it is a key driver for change and efficiency.

I work for Wright Hassall Solicitors — a top 200 UK full-service, commercial law firm based in Leamington Spa in the Midlands region of the UK. We are growing rapidly and have plans to break into the top 100 group of law firms, but I believe this will require a smarter use of IT and in particular mobility. …more

Fan of the Month Chat – VOIT

By: Lionel Tran, Product Marketing Manager, Global Customer Reference Programs

VOIT2.jpgWe’re pleased to introduce and congratulate our ShoreTel Fan of the Month for February 2015, Jim Sillasen, IT Director at VOIT Real Estate Services and a ShoreTel advocate for nearly 10 years.

About Voit Real Estate Services

Founded in 1971, Voit Real Estate Services is a full-service real estate company providing commercial real estate services in the western United States. The company has 11 offices and currently employs more than 250 people.

Let’s hear what Jim Sillasen, IT Director at VOIT Real Estate Services has to say about his experience using ShoreTel. …more

Tweet your Way to the ShoreTel One Champion Partner Conference

By: Chandler Harris, Content Marketing Manager

ShoreTel OneWe know conferences can be a tedious bore filled with lectures that leave your brain stuffed with information, ineffective break-outs, endless walking from booth to booth and no real entertainment. That’s why the ShoreTel One Champion Partner Conference in Orlando, Florida from April 29 to May 1, is anything but a boring conference.

This year’s ShoreTel One Champion Partner Conference features plenty of excitement, including live music and a Triumph motorcycle giveaway. That’s right — we want our attendees to not only learn and network, but also to have a great time and possibly feel the wind in their hair with a new Triumph bike. …more

ShoreTel’s Heather Tenuto Added to the CRN 2015 Channel Chief List

By: Chandler Harris, Content Marketing Manager

Heather Tenuto, 7-14[1]ShoreTel is proud to announce that Heather Tenuto has been added to the prestigious list of the CRN 2015 Channel Chiefs. Tenuto is vice president of worldwide channel programs and sales enablement at ShoreTel, and her brilliant work for us is a key reason she is included on this notable list.

In particular, Heather has done a wonderful job at helping to grow ShoreTel’s Champion Partner Program, which includes cloud tiers. This program just celebrated its one-year anniversary, with more than half of partners in the United States now offering cloud services. …more

Leading Analyst Firm Details Advent of “Personal UC”

By: Pejman Roshan, Vice President, Product Management

Advances in Unified Communications are being driven in large part by the necessity of enabling a remote and mobile workforce to be as connected as those in the office. As a result, communications platforms must evolve into truly unified, personal solutions to meet the needs of the changing mobile workplace. Zeus Kerravala, founder and principal analyst with ZK Research, has written a white paper titled “Mobility Drives Need for Personal Unified Communications.” …more

Why Team Building is Important for Geographically Dispersed Workers

By: Emma McCormack, Marketing Director, APAC

2015-02 Offsite Team Building Indians

From L to R: Jamie Romanin, Bonnie Yeung, Indonesian traditional dancer, Bruce Downing, Lesley Rahme, and Frederic Gillant

While ShoreTel provides the technology for people to work, collaborate and communicate despite barriers of physical distance, we also realize the importance of meeting face to face occasionally.

That’s why the ShoreTel APAC team met in Indonesia for a team building, sales kick-off. It was the first time this group of ShoreTel employees from five different countries and seven different offices have connected as an APAC organization, having historically been grouped together as the Australia and New Zealand (ANZ), and Asian theaters.

The Future is Now — How Science Fiction Predicted Business Communications

By: Robert Pleasant, Product Marketing Associate

shutterstock_234157531At what point can we say we are living in the future dreamed of in science fiction? Though 2001 may not have been a space odyssey imagined in the older book and film, the years since have seen growth in communication and technology that fiction only dreamed of, and ShoreTel is proud to be a part of it. We’ve helped make workplace communications easier, more efficient and accessible from virtually anywhere, which, as it turns out, is just what today’s workforce needs to bring us to tomorrow.

The flip communicators of the original Star Trek show are now a reality. Today’s worker can do their job from an office, home, car (as they’re not driving) or anywhere else they have a cellular or WiFi connection. There are more than one billion mobile workers, and ShoreTel’s Enterprise Mobility and Unified Communications (UC) solutions provide the tools they need to do so from their favorite device on a single interface. …more

ShoreTel Sky is Taking Off with ShoreTel Partners

By: Chandler Harris, Content Marketing Manager

In a testament to the growing adoption of cloud services, ShoreTel’s relatively new cloud tiers for the Champion Partner Program has been a big success. In just one year, more than half of ShoreTel’s partners in the United States are selling ShoreTel’s cloud services.

Introduced in January 2014, the cloud tiers to the Champion Partner Program enables ShoreTel channel partners to offer some of the most in-demand technology—cloud communications in the form of ShoreTel Sky. The ShoreTel Champion Partner Matrix Networks found that selling ShoreTel Sky has boosted their business significantly. The company has spent the last 30 years selling premises-based solutions yet quickly became the ninth highest reseller of Sky in the U.S. during it’s first year of Sky sales. …more

Dr. Martens Kicks off Virtualized UC and Mobility for Growth in Multi-Channel Retail

By: Nic Harris, European Network Manager at Dr. Martens

For more than 100 years Dr. Martens boots, shoes and accessories have been worn by rock stars, workmen, actors, punkers, teenagers and many other people of all ages and stripes.

While our company has thrived, in 2014 we set a goal of doubling the size of the Dr. Marten retail brand by 2018. In order to achieve this growth in new channels both on and offline, we recognized the need for new technology tools, especially communication technology tools. After evaluating and rejecting other communication technology platforms from Cisco, Avaya and others, we decided ShoreTel provides the best solutions for our company growth. …more

Austin Band Five9s Wins ShoreTel’s Battle of the Bands

By: Jennifer Campbell, HR Manager

On January 17, 2015, ShoreTel rocked Austin, Texas like never before. ShoreTel employees transformed from mild-mannered technology workers to rock musicians as they rocked out in the final round of ShoreTel’s Battle of the Bands learning program for employees.

The performance began with Austin’s regional battle featuring the Austin bands Catfight, Five9s and Halfbaked, along with dnis Envy from Chicago. Each band performed two songs they had learned over the course of six months while working at ShoreTel. After some seriously good music, the judges, who consisted of local Austin musicians, selected Five 9s as the regional winner.


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