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Evaluating Microsoft Lync? Be sure to consider ShoreTel

By: Teney Takahashi, Product Marketing Manager - Competitive Analysis

When Microsoft releases a new product, it generally receives plenty of attention. Its entry into the already full IP telephony industry is worth analyzing. All of the providers in this market offer variations of the same thing: unified communications, a catchall phrase for what Gartner defines as “products (equipment, software and services) that facilitate the interactive use of multiple enterprise communications methods.” With all of the choices on the market, it can be confusing to determine which phone system is best. While evaluating Microsoft Lync 2013 it is advisable to carefully consider what you actually get for the premium price tag. …more

Hybrid Cloud Solution Delivers Applications to ShoreTel Users

By: Richard LeGrand, Senior Product Manager

ShoreTel Connect enables ShoreTel on-premises customers to provide applications from the cloud for individual employees on an “as-needed” basis.

ShoreTel Connect is a hybrid cloud communication solution that leverages the best of on-site as well as cloud delivery platforms. ShoreTel’s hybrid cloud collaboration solution is for on-premises customers who want to maintain local control and lower the cost of their enterprise phone system, while also adding special service utilities on-demand on an “as-needed” basis. There is no capital expense or IT training needed; the service is enabled as part of the ShoreTel Director Administration dashboard. ShoreTel Connect enables on-premises customers to have greater access to on-demand services from the cloud while protecting their investment in their on-premises solutions. …more

It’s all about productivity with ShoreTel Sky Dialers

By: Arvind Rangarajan, Product Marketing Manager

Business VoIP phone systems today are much more than just voice and can help increase employee productivity through application integration that can help make connections with people faster. For some companies these could translate into bottom-line savings. Simple “click-to-dial” applications will eliminate incorrectly dialed numbers and save seconds every time a user is placing the call. This adds up to hours saved per year, per employee, which is a considerable time savings when multiplied by the number of staff making outbound calls across an organization. …more

Generations, Technology and BYOD in the Workplace

By: Katie Maller, Communications Manager Google+ icon for profile link

An interesting study by Cornerstone OnDemand and Kelton, gauged employees’ attitudes about technology in the workplace and whether company-provided applications adequately facilitate their productivity.

Their research revealed a surprising phenomenon – the always-on, tech savvy younger workforce who grew up in the information age is actually overwhelmed by the chaotic pace and inundation of technology, even more so than the older generation who could take it or leave it. Could it be the technology has actually pushed Millennials too far and now they are yearning for a simpler way of work life? I can see the older generation smiling at the thought.


The Growing VoIP Market: Where the Momentum Has Shifted

By: Michael Freeman, Sr. Manager, Demand Generation Google+ icon for profile link

VoIP has been around long enough to have made it from “emerging technology” to the norm. Much like the Internet did for encyclopedias, VoIP is making land lines seem archaic. Companies large and small are opting for internet phone systems over wired PBX because:

  • It’s less expensive, particularly for international calls
  • It provides equal quality
  • Its reliability has improved dramatically
  • It’s much more scalable
  • It’s faster to deploy
  • It’s easier to maintain
  • It requires little IT help


Keynoting at CCAS Regional Contact Centre Symposium 2014 Singapore

By: Laurent Dinard, Sr. Product Manager

Contact Centre - LaurentLast week I was invited to present the welcome keynote at the 10th CCAS Regional Contact Centre Symposium 2014 Singapore. Singapore is the business hub of Asia and it’s the also the HQ for ShoreTel Asia.

When I went through the Singapore airport, the security check, luggage claim, customs and getting a taxi took less than 20 minutes. I could not help think that the “effortless experience,” a well-known concept in customer care across North America, was actually invented for and by the Singapore airport. …more

ShoreTel Mobility and iOS8

By: Amaka Achukwu, Associate Product Manager

When we launched ShoreTel Mobility 8, we told you we hadn’t seen any problems with the new Apple iOS 8 developers platform we were testing.

And now that iOS 8 is generally available and being downloaded by the masses, we wanted to definitively let you know that ShoreTel Mobility supports latest version of Apple operating system, iOS 8.

Customers can now upgrade to ShoreTel Mobility either before, or immediately after upgrading their devices to the newly released iOS 8.

As usual, updating to the latest version of client can be done directly via the  iTunes App store .

The Importance of Integration

By: Ali Rizvi, Senior Product Manager

UC is not “unified” unless your services are unified with your business systems.

Enterprises today are looking to seamlessly blend applications they already live in with UC tools and capabilities.

Integration of business processes is a game-changer for today’s enterprises and a necessity to succeed. Customers expect the best solutions to play well with others – integrate with existing key business processes. …more

Our Asian Partners Climbing to the Summit

By: Ben Swanson, Channels and Distribution Manager, Asia and South Africa

Do you remember reading Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid?

I do – but in my wildest dreams I never thought that 20 years later I’d be reliving the experience during a ShoreTel event in Singapore.

In fact, it was a corporate training session like no other I’d experienced before


Apple Announcement: “One More Thing”

By: Tricia Stream, Content Marketing Manager Google+ icon for profile link

The tech industry was abuzz with anticipation on Tuesday. It was Apple’s big event – one shrouded in rumors for the past six months.

The masses expected new phones, with amazing new features. They were salivating over the prospect of a wearable tech watch. It certainly seemed Silicon Valley (and those participating by proxy – via a VERY clunky live stream) expected Apple to change the world.

After all, this was the first fruit from the new tree – the first new product line in the post Steve Jobs era. Hype was huge and the stakes were high for Tim Cook and team. …more

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