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Apple Announcement: “One More Thing”

By: Tricia Stream, Content Marketing Manager Google+ icon for profile link

The tech industry was abuzz with anticipation on Tuesday. It was Apple’s big event – one shrouded in rumors for the past six months.

The masses expected new phones, with amazing new features. They were salivating over the prospect of a wearable tech watch. It certainly seemed Silicon Valley (and those participating by proxy – via a VERY clunky live stream) expected Apple to change the world.

After all, this was the first fruit from the new tree – the first new product line in the post Steve Jobs era. Hype was huge and the stakes were high for Tim Cook and team. …more

What’s up with Wi-Fi?

By: Andy Powell, EMEA Training Manager

Just lately I have found myself getting really fussy about the quality and availability of Wi-Fi. I also realise that I actually base business choices on that perception. So what do I mean?

Well, there are a bunch of Wi-Fi things which really annoy me:

  • When sitting in a coffee shop trying to register for the free Wi-Fi and it  takes longer to register than to drink the coffee.
  • When I go to visit a company and I have to have a Guest Wi-Fi user name and password for every device I own.

Hence my annoyance. Surely there must be a better way? Why is it all so different? …more

ShoreTel wins 2014 ARN ICT Award for Telecommunications Vendor of the Year

By: Emma McCormack, Marketing Director, APAC

ARN1At a glittering, black tie event last night at Sydney’s Hilton Hotel, ShoreTel ANZ picked up the 2014 ARN ICT Award for the Telecommunications Vendor of the Year. ShoreTel is proud to be a sponsor of the ARN Awards to show our support for the industry as a whole and to recognize those partners, distributors and other vendors who contribute to the eco-system that brings technology to the Australian market.


It was a good fun night out for the Australia and New Zealand ShoreTel team, however, we didn’t expect to announce ourselves as the winner of one of the categories in which we were shortlisted, and it caused a bit of a scramble as we worked out who needed to collect the award, that was being presented by Jamie Romanin, ShoreTel ANZ Managing Director. …more

Apple, the Cloud and Security

By: Tricia Stream, Content Marketing Manager Google+ icon for profile link

You may have heard the news that lit up the Internet over the holiday weekend – as only celebrity scandals can. Hackers stole photos of numerous Hollywood starlets in various states of undress by breaking into iCloud accounts.

Immediately people were abuzz with the critical question, “Just how safe is the cloud?”

But the cloud is not new. It’s a large amorphous term that has long been in existence (think email — have you ever had a Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail account?) Instead, the technology is changing implementation methods. We are shifting to a world where specific hardware is no longer as relevant as the user experience — the latter of which includes some semblance of control over the content we create and its associated metadata. …more

Skills and Groups and Groups and Skills…

By: Matthew Weiner, Product Sales Specialist - Contact Center Practice

It’s nice to have options like this; not “or” but “and”. We do, not everyone else does. Since these concepts come up and are so similar in some ways, it seemed ripe for a bit of a blogging.

Let’s define these terms first of all: to be fair they can both mean similar things but routing is very different. As ECC Agents can be in up to 64 Groups (64, yes) it is very easy to provide Groups that reflect pretty much anything you wish to categorize. That could be a client, a geographical region, a time part, a language capability, tech skill or just about anything you wish. The key is that you will get our extensive Group Reporting around that collected/collective activity which feeds Agent Group data as well. …more

Unified Communications channel for Big Data

By: Arvind Rangarajan, Product Marketing Manager

I am sure everyone by now has heard the term “big data” in some shape or form. At least it appears to be one of the buzz words these days. So why big data and what makes me an expert to blog about it.?To tell you the truth, I am no expert, but I am fascinated by the changes that have taken place in our lives and how we are almost living in a dual world – one with flesh and blood, and the other pure digital with social media and electronic communications. I am also interested in understanding the impact of this phenomenon on the work I do with Unified Communications. …more

Focus on the Practice of Law, Not Your Phones

By: Tricia Stream, Content Marketing Manager Google+ icon for profile link

Communications are central to the success of every law firm. In a profession that depends on swift, accurate information, a missed message can mean mistakes, delays, or worse.

But with the right business phone system, operations become streamlined, raising firm productivity and saving both time and money.

A typical office phone system will not meet the demands of busy professionals who communicate from multiple locations via desk phone, mobile phone, voice mail, fax, email, IM and web conferencing. Instead, what’s needed is a system that unifies these communications so critical information can flow seamlessly across all mediums – phones, computers, locations, and digital devices—no matter where in the world they might be. …more

ShoreTel’s Director of Channel Marketing Calls Out ShoreTel Partners to Participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge

By: Tricia Stream, Content Marketing Manager Google+ icon for profile link

In response to a challenge from Moss Telecom, ShoreTel’s director of channel marketing, Michael Quince, participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge that’s abuzz in support of ALS research. 

In addition to the frozen dunking, Quince challenges all ShoreTel Partners to participate and donate money to ALS or to the charity of their choosing.

Going on a Work-ation?

By: Tricia Stream, Content Marketing Manager Google+ icon for profile link

Swim. Email. Lunch with kids. Telecon. Mini golf. Return calls. Nap. Dinner and dancing. Rinse. Repeat.

Do you have a last minute summer vacation on your calendar? Let’s hope so! As summer winds down and we head into that final stretch of lazy summer days before back to school…oh who are we kidding. More and more, Americans aren’t putting work in their rearview window as they head out on vacation

Three out of five of us (61 percent) work at least some of the time while on vacation. Almost a quarter of us (24 percent) interact with a colleague about something at work, and 20 percent hear from our boss while we are on vacation. These numbers come from a 2014 Harris Interactive Survey sponsored by Glassdoor, and they make a strong argument for the United States being the no-vacation nation. …more

ShoreTel Mobility 8 Addendum

By: Tricia Stream, Content Marketing Manager Google+ icon for profile link

We hope all our premises-based customers are enjoying the new features provided with ShoreTel Mobility 8 release.

However, in all the downloadable excitement, we want to clarify one important point. Two new  features including enterprise video conferencing and integration with ShoreTel Communicator are currently only available for our existing and new on-premises customers. …more

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