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An Inside Look at the Enterprise Connect RFP Panel

By: Tricia Stream, Product Positioning Manager Google+ icon for profile link

Last week I had the opportunity to speak at the Enterprise Connect tradeshow. Each year there is a panel discussing the requests for proposals for a mock IP telephony and unified communications client.

The 2014 RPF session at Enterprise Connect was the fourth iteration of this particular panel, as moderated by Dave Stein, principal at Stein Technology Consulting Group. As a provider of both options, ShoreTel highlighted its on-premises and ShoreTel Sky offerings.

Here are the highlights of what we shared: …more

Up close at the Australian Grand Prix

By: Craig Howe, Client Sales Executive, ANZ Southern Region

With ShoreTel coming on board as an Official Supplier for the UK-based Williams Martini Racing team in June last year, the 2014 Melbourne Grand Prix was the first chance for ShoreTel’s Australian team to be involved in the event. At this year’s race, we took a group of clients and partners from Australia and New Zealand out to the track for the Friday of the four-day event, which included the first practice sessions for the Formula 1® drivers.

The Melbourne Grand Prix is always special: it’s the first race for the year in the Formula 1 World Championship, so it’s the first time we get to see the changes each of the racing teams have made to their cars and racing teams, and the first opportunity to assess the performance of the drivers. …more

Does the desk phone have the same future as the PC? The answer may surprise you

By: Bernard Gutnick, Senior Director, Product Marketing Google+ icon for profile link

It’s always a pleasure to be invited to join a panel of experts at the Enterprise Connect conference.   Dave Michels, industry analyst from UC Strategies, invited me to join his session “Reports of the Desk Phone’s Demise Are NOT Greatly Exaggerated.” This was a session for conference attendees to hear about the latest ways their employees will be communicating in the years to come. Judging from the title, you would expect the traditional desk phone would not be top of mind. However, when Dave asked the audience “how many of the people in the room are planning to invest in more desk phones for their employees in 2015,” the percentage of the audience was not what you would have expected. It was rather surprising that almost 100 percent of the audience DOES plan on buying more desk phones, contrary to the theme of the session. …more

Do you know the difference between privacy and security?

By: Tricia Stream, Product Positioning Manager Google+ icon for profile link

Technology evolves at a breakneck pace, but the greatest business successes come when technology molds to meet individual business needs. Alas, no matter where we’re located hackers find a way to keep pace with technological developments. The only truly secure system is one that no one can access, one that is totally private, which certainly makes it less than desirable for enterprise-wide deployment. …more

Nemertes Research’s Study of Customer Deployments Reaffirms ShoreTel’s Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

By: Bernard Gutnick, Senior Director, Product Marketing Google+ icon for profile link

I’ve always believed the only way you find out what something costs, is to have customers tell you what their real costs are to operate a system. What better way to find out than to review the results from 190 IT decision-makers, interviewed or surveyed by leading independent research firm Nemertes Research published at Enterprise Connect.  Their findings showed customers interviewed reaffirmed ShoreTel has the lowest first-year costs compared to Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft and Mitel. Nemertes Research selects customers randomly from its own databases, and gathers data from production environments to determine the true costs incurred. No vendors pay to be included or commission the study, so the results remain unbiased. …more

Bottom’s Up – The ShoreTel 400 Series Comes to Sky

By: Randa Green, Senior Manager, Product Management - Sky Platform

Rumors are circulating that the deskphone is dead. This is untrue.

Companies continue to make significant investments into their communications endpoint infrastructure; ShoreTel recognizes this and continues to innovate. For many end-users, desk phones are simply the easiest and quickest way to communicate and collaborate in the office. ShoreTel provides a choice. …more

Is Your Contact Center Available to All of Your Customers?

By: Ed Wright, Director, Mobility

Your company contact center is the first line of communication with your customers. Companies can no longer rely solely on voice interactions via a toll-free number. Those who excel in customer service realize they must keep pace with emerging technology trends while keeping costs in line. How does your contact center measure up? …more

Security in the Cloud

By: Tricia Stream, Product Positioning Manager Google+ icon for profile link

Cloud is not a new concept; in fact, it has long been in existence. The difference is technology is now changing the implementation methods of how we communicate and conduct business. We are shifting to a world where specific hardware is no longer as relevant as the user experience. The latter of which includes some semblance of control over the content we create and its associated metadata.

Security is always a concern when the transmission of data is involved, even more so when it comes to cloud services that sit outside the corporate firewall. …more

Virtualized IP Phone Systems Help Companies Improve TCO

By: Natalia Kagramanova, Senior Product Manager

Unified communications (UC) extends employees’ ability to collaborate beyond the traditional extension-to-extension dialing: employees can now communicate using instant messaging, exchange information in live audio and web conferences, meet using video sessions, make and receive phone calls from any device, etc. While enabling new methods of collaboration among employees, UC can be a challenge to deploy and maintain as each of the applications often requires a dedicated server. …more

Contact Center Tutorial: Workgroup & Huntgroup Reporting in ECC

By: Matthew Weiner, Product Sales Specialist - Contact Center Practice

Imagine if you will:  a complex business environment where commerce and public facing tasks rightly take place in a fully-fledged ECC where simpler tasks are handled by Huntgroup or WG equipped users. Reporting “out of the box” is separate as we know, but wouldn’t it be nice to at least count the WG calls and see them within ECC? If you’ve made it this far into the article you realize we’re not going to let you down, right? …more

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