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ShoreTel Newsletter Offers Insight into SIP, Integration

By: Jack McCarthy, Content Manager Google+ icon for profile link

The ShoreTel Newsletter this month addresses two important trends in IP communications for partners and customers – the growing influence of SIP and ShoreTel’s integration with The SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is the standard that supports multiple levels of communications and is the underpinning of unified communications. As more businesses seek to lower costs […]

Dip into SIP

By: ShoreTel, Brilliantly Simple Google+ icon for profile link

SIP trunking has long been on the technology watch list, but as SIP trunking services have matured, the time is now to jump in with both feet. Many of your peers have already made the leap. SIP trunking service revenue jumped 128% in 2011 from the previous year, according to the market research firm Infonetics. […]

Securing Your UC System

By: Dieter Rencken, Senior Product Manager

We live in a very different world than say just 10 years ago. Our business systems including our phone/UC systems are more open and standards based and more interconnected than ever before. This provides tremendous benefits but also requires us to be aware of the associated security risks. Securing a UC system should not be […]

It’s Not Really A Contact “Center” Anymore

By: Steve McElderry, Director Product Management, Contact Center

Enterprises historically communicated with their customers through a centralized Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) tied to a Private Branch Exchange (PBX), with agents and supervisors wired and tethered directly to the PBX. The environment was truly a Contact “Center.” Two things have changed this – the emergence of Internet Protocol (IP) based architectures and the business […]

SIP Trunking at IT Expo

By: Dieter Rencken, Senior Product Manager

I recently had the opportunity to attend IT Expo in Miami Beach, Fl. This three-day seminar set out to provide in-depth information on UC apps – including SIP trunking, realtime video, Fax-over-IP, mobility and more. My participation in panel discussions hosted by Ingate confirmed my belief that a focused security policy around UC is very […]

J-W Energy Discovers ShoreTel for Lower TCO

By: Liz Pedro, Customer Programs Manager Google+ icon for profile link

J-W Energy Company is a U.S. based corporation that provides energy exploration, development, and services. Founded in 1960 by a petroleum engineer and a geologist in Midwestern America, J-W Energy is headquartered in Addison, Texas, and employs 1,700 employees across nearly two-dozen states and 100 offices.

Future of the SIP Service Provider

By: Jeff Ridley, Director of Product Management

In my last SIP post I went over the crucial role of the service provider for voice calls. The question that remains is what happens as the world migrates to more complete unified communications and video, presence, and IM become as important to communications as phone calls. What then will be the role of the […]

SIP Trunking – The Role of the Service Provider

By: Jeff Ridley, Director of Product Management

This is the second in my series on SIP trunking – designed to explain how companies can take advantage of the benefits this communications protocol provides. In my first blog post, I shared the basics. In this one, I’ll explore the value a service provider can bring to your business communications strategy.

SIP Trunking: A Primer

By: Jeff Ridley, Director of Product Management

Unified Communications market is full of news these days (Research: Interoperability issues still hold back SIP trunking adoption, North American SIP and VoIP Trunking Market $2 Billion) about SIP trunking or Internet Telephony Services Providers (ITSPs). You may be wondering what the hullabaloo is about. To understand the excitement, you have to spend a few […]

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