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Personal UC Drives Transformation Across an Organization

By: Chandler Harris, Content Marketing Manager

The workplace is undergoing a drastic change, as greater connectivity, mobility and the use of personal devices has transformed the way we work. Because of this, more organizations are adopting Unified Communications solutions that integrate mobility, video, BYOD and more. However, traditional UC isn’t nearly enough and organizations need to embrace Personal UC says Zeus Kerravala, […]

Leading Analyst Firm Details Advent of “Personal UC”

By: Pejman Roshan, Vice President, Product Management

Advances in Unified Communications are being driven in large part by the necessity of enabling a remote and mobile workforce to be as connected as those in the office. As a result, communications platforms must evolve into truly unified, personal solutions to meet the needs of the changing mobile workplace. Zeus Kerravala, founder and principal […]

What is BYOE? Attend our Webinar on January 20

By: Ed Wright, Director of Product Management

Bring Your Own Experience (BYOE) is the latest trend impacting Unified Communications (UC) and speaks to the need for UC to be more user-centric. UC has evolved to the point where the focus is more around the needs of the end users than the network, and reflects the impact of powerful trends from the consumer […]

The Evolution Continues – Cloud Communication

By: Tricia Stream, Content Marketing Manager Google+ icon for profile link

Once upon a time all enterprises used circuit-switched telephone networks with local operators manually switching cables to connect to inter-office numbers. As technology continued its march forward, businesses established the standard of deploying telephony systems via software installed on hardware appliances within company closets. The information superhighway heyday brought forth the ability to connect across […]

Is Your Contact Center Available to All of Your Customers?

By: Ed Wright, Director of Product Management

Your company contact center is the first line of communication with your customers. Companies can no longer rely solely on voice interactions via a toll-free number. Those who excel in customer service realize they must keep pace with emerging technology trends while keeping costs in line. How does your contact center measure up?

Security in the Cloud

By: Tricia Stream, Content Marketing Manager Google+ icon for profile link

Cloud is not a new concept; in fact, it has long been in existence. The difference is technology is now changing the implementation methods of how we communicate and conduct business. We are shifting to a world where specific hardware is no longer as relevant as the user experience. The latter of which includes some […]

Complexity vs. Simplicity: Why All IP-PBX Systems Are Not Created Equal

By: Katie Maller, Communications Manager Google+ icon for profile link

Companies evaluating IP-PBX solutions have less and less use for cumbersome legacy systems that may be cobbled together through acquisitions or from other bolted-on technologies that add unwanted complexity. They are looking for flexible systems that are easy to manage, simply architected and, as a result, deliver the lowest total cost of ownership.

ShoreTel’s HP Partnership Delivers End-to-End UC Infrastructure

By: Jack McCarthy, Content Manager Google+ icon for profile link

With ShoreTel’s recent announcement that it has joined the HP AllianceOne Partner Program, businesses can expect major benefits when leveraging best-of-breed solutions from the companies. The partnership enables clients and partners to gain the benefits of two leading companies rather than be locked into a single-vendor system. ShoreTel’s White Paper, “Delivering End-to-End UC Infrastructure with […]

Debunking Myths About Switching Business Phone Systems

By: Jack McCarthy, Content Manager Google+ icon for profile link

Some IT managers may overlook the importance of their phone systems in their efforts to drive their businesses to success. In fact, phone systems are the lifeline to sales, customer service, and the innovation that moves companies forward. The ShoreTel White Paper, “Six Myths of Switching Business Phone Systems,” outlines common misperceptions that hold back enterprises […]

New ShoreTel White Paper Shows How to Make Your UC Deployment a Success

By: Jack McCarthy, Content Manager Google+ icon for profile link

As CIOs and other IT decision-makers consider moving their business to unified communications, there are numerous aspects that can markedly impact the level of success with their UC deployment. To help them move to UC, ShoreTel has released a new White Paper, “5 Things You Need to Know to Make Your UC Deployment a Success.” […]

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